Guest Blog Series 1: “The Neglected Goddess”
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Guest Blog Series 1: “The Neglected Goddess”

This is the first piece in a series of guest blogs ranging from short prose pieces to poetry composed for member, Chelsea Nabozny’s, high-school creative writing class. Nabozny explains, “Over the past eighteen weeks, I have been using my senior elective Creative Writing class as a space for students to explore ideas and issues that … Continue reading

Recommended Media Series Part 1

Recommended Media Series: Miss Representation

Consider adding additional depth to a discussion or inquiry into feminism, gender, or sexuality in the classroom through Part 1 of WILLA’s  Recommended Media Series. Part 1: The film, Miss Representation, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in April 2011 and put a larger societal movement in motion, currently visible through social media to affirm … Continue reading