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Guest Blog Series 4: “Misunderstood Treasure”

This is the fourth  in a series of guest blogs ranging from short prose pieces to poetry composed for member, Chelsea Nabozny’s, high-school creative writing class.

Nabozny explains, “Over the past eighteen weeks, I have been using my senior elective Creative Writing class as a space for students to explore ideas and issues that are important to them and reflect on their ideas through various types of writing. After several weeks of talking as a class about generational issues, technology, and media, I noticed that many females in my class were particularly interested in the way women are represented across these mediums. As a culminating project, I asked my students to create a written piece on any topic that we discussed that they felt particularly passionate about. The students below are a select group who decided to share their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about what it is like to be a young woman in 2015. The way that this group of students articulated themselves through a variety of writing styles allows for a truly fascinating glimpse into the minds, thoughts, and daily struggles that these young women face. Through these pieces, I hope that other  teachers find the confidence and trust to have conversations about gender in their own classrooms and allow their students to explore and grapple with these issues.”

January and February pieces have been submitted by secondary and post-secondary students interested in gender. If you are interested in submitting a piece, please get in touch with us at In the subject line, please mark the message for the webmaster.


“Misunderstood Treasure”

when I first learned that respect was given based on your image,

that it was measured based on how short your skirt is, society wrapped in marble hands

and carved me, no – formed me, to believe that I didn’t respect myself

all because I, felt confident enough to show my body

but confidence is meant to be shattered

just like the mirror I look into every morning

because I’m meant to be covered in soft edges and satin skin

and god forbid, I show off that skin, but I suppose if I do

I deserve the consequences, like hearing

slut, whore, slut, whore

as I run down the street in a sports bra

trying to keep myself up to the standards of tomorrow

because somewhere in my childhood, I was told that being sexy is all that matters

Forget that endearing personality that has yet to be discovered because

you made the choice, not to cover up your soul and

along the way ,that meant you didn’t get “the Privilege”

to be respected,

but it doesn’t matter what they say or what anyone thinks

because no shirt is tight enough to slim down your confidence

and when they tell you to cover up, you have find the strength inside to

tell them to shut up, and give up and let you live your life because honey,

you are just a beautiful misunderstood treasure


poem by: Stephanie Frazier

Stephanie Frazier is a senior at Springville Griffith Institute. She has a profound love for slam poetry and wants to pursue a degree in web design.

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