Recommended Media Series Part 1

Recommended Media Series: Miss Representation

Consider adding additional depth to a discussion or inquiry into feminism, gender, or sexuality in the classroom through Part 1 of WILLA’s  Recommended Media Series.

Part 1: The film, Miss Representation, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in April 2011 and put a larger societal movement in motion, currently visible through social media to affirm one’s voice and the use of hash tags on Twitter.  The film is a full length documentary and greater movement today known as The Representation Project. The Representations Project is complete with classroom resources, info graphics and statistics, and much more!

For classroom use, this trailer is a great starting point as it develops several social aspects of gender bias in a compelling way. As well, one can draw a wealth of knowledge and inspiration form The Representation Project Blog.

Miss Representation is a greater movement whose mission strives to challenge the status quo when it comes to gender, class, race, age, sexual orientation, and circumstance.

How will you start and keep the conversation going?

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