Join WILLA for two fantastic speakers during the 2013 NCTE Annual Convention in the Sheraton/Beacon Room, 3rd Floor at 5:45 PM.
The first presenter in this session, Kristen Pastore-Capuana will examine how the English classroom space can be one of invigorating dialogue, composition, inquiry, and meaning making, but often inclusion English classrooms are more “back-to-basics” or structured, a space where student inquiry is sidelined. This presenter will look at collaboration between an English teacher and a Special Education teacher which aimed to cultivate inquiry in an English 11 classroom and provide authentic learning opportunities.
The second presenter, Dr. Adrienne Costello,  will revisit a significant piece of research, Dr. Pamela Hartman’s 2006 Research in the Teaching of English
article, “Loud on the Inside: Working Class Girls, Gender, and Literacy,” showing how teachers can be welcomed into scholarly conversations and empowered to contribute their own voices to professional dialogue while examining too what feminist theory can contribute to this.

The event is open to all; WILLA looks forward to meeting you!

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